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  • Sustainable agriculture: functioning and challenges in 2022 | Squadeasy

    What are the issues and benefits of sustainable agriculture? We tell you more about this practice.

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  • The 6 most dangerous jobs for your health

    Health is sacred. We have selected the 6 most dangerous jobs, which you must read before changing profession.

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  •  QWL

    Discover the dimensions of QWL and some measures to improve it.

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  • management gamification

    How can you strengthen team cohesion, motivation and the quality of life at work of your employees?

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  • Quality of life

    Discover measures to improve the quality of life at work in the face of the generalization of telework based on the example of Adisseo.

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  • playlist running rock

    We plug in the mics and amps again for this new edition.

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  • Advice from Mathieu Lafontaine, Osteopath, on doing sport in confinement. Part 2

    During confinement, it is not easy to be active. However, physical activity is fundamental to maintaining good health.

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  • Advice from Mathieu Lafontaine, Osteopath: sport in confinement

    Mathieu Lafontaine, Osteopath, gives you his advice on how to exercise during confinement.

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  • running pace

    We've all heard about working on our pacing, but few really know what it's all about.

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  • solidarity actions company

    Squadeasy reveals 4 simple actions to implement in your company with the aim of solidarity

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