"Get your colleagues together, %%ICON_HOME%% they’ll become a family!"

Boogie, April 2015 (You know, the dog on the homepage).
"Don’t do so, and they’ll just be colleagues." The intern, March 2020.

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  • Collaboration rather than competition! 

    Squadeasy is a playful app, combining physical activities and the joy of giving back to society and the planet.

    Teammates can walk, run and bike wherever and whenever they want. Collaboration is key! Each activity racks up points and reinforces connections between teammates in the company.

  • A powerful communication tool, focused on sharing!

    Quizzes, missions, social wall, and all our great features have a common purpose: encouraging support and boosting communication between teammates of all abilities.

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    Measurable success 

    Squadeasy is the only available solution on the market with its own activity tracker, allowing you to easily measure your performances.

    You can also easily sync your performances from the Strava.

  • Squadeasy team run
    Squadeasy team run
    Tree plantation

    Make your actions count!

    Transform all this positive energy into eco-friendly actions and start reforesting with us.

    And sooo easy to set-up!

    We deliver our app totally ready to use for your company! Good news, it’s also fully customizable!

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